Plaster tile molds: Honeysuckles and Dragonflies 

       Living by the bay in Maryland and loveing it! Baby guru loves going to the beach, while we were there this last weekend he found a dead dragonfly. I picked it up for him to explore and then I decided it would be really neat to cast for a tile!  

I found some other plant life around the bay and decided to incorporate that as well. 

Here is my 8×8 tile rolled and cut out with my design. I made sure to thin out a few of the cuttings to make them more defined.  And as you will see with my final product it’s better to keep the design simple and not to have a lot of overlaping objects. 

Here is the mold form Daddy Guru made me for Valentine’s day! It’s fairly simple to make out of 1x4s ….. Fill it up with some plaster and pull out your clay in 1 hour. 

 As a warning you will have to spend a little time with tweezers to get the plants to come out if the plaster. But look how amazing it turned out after I pressed clay into the mold!! I am super impressed with the amount of detail and can’t wait to see how they look once we glaze them. 


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