Blossoming Peace: Butterfly & Flower Tile Molds 

It’s almost a new year and what better way to celebrate than creating some new and exciting ceramics! These tiles are all made from 2 molds that I designed and created. 

To create this mold I drew my design on a square piece of grid paper and folded the paper to ensure the the sides matched up. 

After I drafted my design I set out to make a “stamp” for my mold. I did this by rolling out a slab of clay. I then cut a square for the base of the stamp keeping in mind that my finial tile will be 20-25% smaller  ( shrinking will occur making the stamp and firing the final tile). After cutting out the base of the stamp I traced my butterfly/flower outline into my clay,  cut that out as well and attached it to the base using the slip and score method.


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