Sea Shell Tile molds 

Its been a while since my last blog. Last night we celebrated Independence day here in Oklahoma with lots of sparklers and fire works…. now I am charged up ready to make some ceramics!!

I’ve  been really into making tile molds lately. They are fun to make and you can use them over and over again!!! 

I guess it wouldn’t of been 4th of July without a kiln explosion! Poor Mr.Sea turtle did not survive the bisque firing. I’m pretty sure it’s because his shell was filled with air bubble explosives. 

*Note to self do a better job at compressing coils 

At least the sea star mold survived and is making beautiful babies!

As you can see I’ve been busy making the ceramic stamps and day dreaming about going to the ocean. Especially the Sea of Cortez. 

The hardest part about making a mold is the waiting! It requires two bisque firings to make the mold (one for the stamp and one for the mold). If you have no patience what so ever like me than you will find this very hard!! But have patience grass hopper. Mama guru can do it then you can do it too! Work on another project in-between and you will survive the mold making process. Or you can always write a blog like me!

*If you like my work and are interested in purchasing custom work or murals please contact me at and visit my Etsy lisings.  


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