Scraffito plates

A blog by Mama Guru:
     I’m in Evergreen, Colorado delivering my sisters tiles to her. Baby Guru and I got here early yesterday morning. It was a bumpy flight but baby did great! I strapped him in my carrier and off we went!
       Any how…. here are some plates I’ve been working on they are hand built: slumped over a platter from my kitchen.

      After doing this project I realized a few things. First always put wet newspaper between your clay and plate.  Second be Patient! Let the plate dry to leather hard (dark chocolate color). Wait.. DID SOMEONE SAY CHOCOLATE!?  Oh and always stay focused!

  My friend Jacky suggested that I make a mermaid so I decided to make one with an octopus arm. Because, after all if I was a  mermaid I would have an octopus friend.


This was another design I did using the same plate template.


     For the decoration of these plates I transferred my image to the plate using a plastic template, painted 3 coats of underglaze over it and then went over my design using a clay carving tool. I also used a soft/firm paint brush to brush away the pieces of clay that I removed.  


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