Decorative plate using wax resist and underglazes

A blog by Mamaguru:
Here it is February in Oklahoma and we are off to a good start for the year! I have been busy trying to make some mama friends in my town since we moved here not so long ago. I recently joined a mom group and now me and baby D have some fun play dates  ahead of us.

But in the mean time……

Here is a plate I am working in using wax resist, a slip trailer, and under glazes.


   To start off I made a plate by rolling a   1/2″ slab and then slumped it or draped it over a plate that was in my kitchen. I then trimmed it and then let it dry to leather hard.

Now we can talk about the fun part: getting to the decorating!! I then transfered my design using a template that I made on a  thick sheet of plastic.



Next I applied wax resist to my lines using a slip trailer.

* Note: Make sure you don’t let your slip trailer clog up like I let mine. Mine is soaking in some water and I am hoping it becomes unclogged.



Here is the plate with the under glazes added with the use of the slip trailer.

I will now bisque the plate! I love firing the kiln! Even though it makes my electric bill go up a bit. But opening it after a firing is like Christmas 🙂

Next, I will add 3 layers of clear glaze over the top of my design and a decorative glaze on the back.

Stay tuned to see the completed piece 🙂 Baby Guru says

” follow mamma’s blog so you get updates and like her at the bottom of the page. It will bring you much happiness!”


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