Sunflower and Aspen Kitchen Tiles



Here are a few pictures of the kitchen mural I am making for my sister.  She lives in Evergreen, Colorado and so we went with an Aspen/sunflower theme. We just got back from visiting her at Christmas and I am eager to get to work.IMG_20151226_074012

Here is the view from the window of her upstairs apartment where mural will go. As you can see she has quite a few Aspen in her yard ( and quite a bit of snow!). But in the summer her house is surrounded by wild flowers and hummingbirds.



Here is the mural after the bisque firing.
And here is a pic of the mural with a clear glaze.


Now we just need to install it in my sisters kitchen! I have plans to go see her in a few weeks and hopefully we will have time to install it!



Here are the tiles installed in the kitchen . This is my first tile mural and I am very happy with how it turned out. A big thank-you to my sister Beverly and her husband Skip for recruiting me to undertake this project. I learned a great deal from the process of creating these 44 tiles.


4 thoughts on “Sunflower and Aspen Kitchen Tiles

  1. The beautiful mural has arrived; it’s absolutely breathtaking. I can’t wait to get it put into place. Thank you my dear sister. Words cannot express how honored we are to have this artwork in our home.

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