Scraffito! What-o?


Momma Guru’s next project is to make a back splash for her sister’s kitchen.  For this project she is considering using a scrafitto style. For those of you that don’t know, scraffito is a technique where  one skratches into the surface of a desired medium.

So, since Momma  Guru is hoping to permanetly install these tiles in her sister’s kitchen she has decided to do a few test tiles to see what colors her sister likes best. 

Since her sister lives in the Colorado mountains she has decided to go with a wildflower humming bird theme.  Here are some photos before she began carving.



She first traced the outline, applied 3 layers of underglaze and began taking away the negative space.



After the bisque she is planning on applying more colors to the background. Here is a picture of the kitchen with a projection of what the finished project will look like, although the colors will be different.


Stay tuned to see what happens….


4 thoughts on “Scraffito! What-o?

  1. Thanks. No I saw that, I wanted to know if you had put cement backer board behind the tiles. IOW, what did you adhere the tiles to? I’d hate to think someone would put them directly onto the wallboard and/or old paint.


    • These tiles were installed by the home owner’s contactor so I couldn’t actually tell you what method they used. But if you are looking for more information about installing tiles there are quite a few informational videos on YouTube.


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